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We are excited to be hosting the WEA with their pilot project of the Men's Health Lounge at our new space The Drawing Room. In their words...

'Men’s Health Lounge (MHL) is a 6 month pilot programme intended to develop the health and wellbeing education work we've done in Sheffield with vulnerable adults. It will bring project facilitators, a team of dedicated volunteers, and men experiencing chronic physical and mental ill health together to collaborate in a unique and exciting community project. MHL aims to develop a non-clinical alternative route to wellbeing designed ‘by men, for men’ that offers a safe and welcoming space for men to access the support they need at the earliest possible stage, and onwards through their journey of recovery.


MHL has been a collaborative project since its inception 2 years ago, and from our ongoing consultation with a group of men in Sheffield,  we know that when men in crisis reach out they often find the support on offer is not right for them. Men's Health Lounge will offer a variety of enjoyable activities as well as learning and volunteer opportunities, and we aim to build confidence, self esteem and resilience.  The MHL pilot project will draw on referrals and close working relationships with Sheffield Young Carers, New Beginnings, South Yorkshire Housing Association and others. Plus, with their links to the over-looked working class 20th century painter Gordon Snee, we're also very excited about the new partnership with our hosts at their amazing venue The Drawing Room on Broad Lane, Sheffield. We opened in January 2019 with our first cohort of participants.'